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Who We Are

  • Cuerpo Especializado de Seguridad Turística (CESTUR) was founded as a safety and security strategy for tourists and the tourism sectors, by the government of the Dominican Republic.
    CESTUR is a dependency of the Ministry of Defense, and its general objective is to execute safety and security measures, for tourists and tourism, planned and strategized by the Ministry of Tourism concurrently with the Ministry of Defense.
    CESTUR will develop safety and security measures aimed to prevent and protect tourists who visit the Dominican Republic. 
    Ensure compliance with laws and regulations ordered for the tourism sector, by applying plans, as prevention, safety and protection programs on tourist areas, in order to guarantee a sustainable development of the growing tourism sector and further develop the Dominican Republic as a desirable touristic destination.
  • Mission
    Supply, and guarantee, a comprehensive and integral safety and security program within the Dominican Republic  tourism sectors, by acting, protecting, preventing, and serving as guides to tourists, both local and foreign, that visit our touristic areas, at the same time that we assure fulfillment of a consistent and sustainable development, and conform to laws in force. 
    To become a professional and qualified organization, capable of fulfilling tasks, efficiently and effectively, and serve both tourists and resident of the Dominican Republic, without any injuries or accidents.

    •Responsive Quality
  • Policía de Turismo (POLITUR) was founded on June 17, 1975 as a Unit of the National Police, at which time it was known as the ´Inspection Department´ and was conformed of Twenty (20) members. Headquarter of Policía de Turismo (POLITUR) was stationed at the main airport of the Dominican Republic (AILA). On October 25, 1994 the Chief of Police upgraded this Unit  (Decree No. 1301-00 of December 21, 2000), and Dirección General de la Policía de Turismo (POLITUR) was founded, and will work in coordination with the Ministry of Tourism, with the Arm Forces, and with High Commands of the Police. POLITUR will be conformed by members of the Arm Force, of the Police Force, and of the various Military Institutes. Conformant to Arm Forces of the Dominican Republic Law No. 139-13 of September 13, 2013 the Cuerpo Especializado de Seguridad Turística (CESTUR) was created, from all members and organisation which was conformed by the Dirección General de la Policía de Turismo (POLITUR), under the direct supervision and management of the Ministry of Defense, due to the strategic nature that this security body represents to the security and defense of the Dominican Republic.
  • •Ensure that Laws and Regulations that govern the Tourism sector are obeyed.
    •Plan and schedule services of Tourism Centers, in order to position permanent, as occasional services, by members of CESTUR.   
    •Promote training programs as to increase competences, in a wide range of techniques and approaches. 
    •Implement necessary legal procedures as to deliver to our Legal Authorities, in the person of the Attorney, those individuals who are found perpetrating acts which are sanctioned by laws in force in the Dominican Republic,             individuals who commit acts that offend and in detriment of tourism activities that hinder the sustainable development of the country.
    •Protect physical facilities and real estate properties owned or managed by the Ministry of Tourism (MITUR).
    •Ensure, in collaboration with Ministerio del Medio Ambiente y de Recursos Naturales (Ministry of the Environment) that all provisions related to care of the environment are obeyed, as to protect not only areas that are                     encompassed by the different touristic spots, our own environment, and the ecosystem, by means of enforcing programs and activities that lean to guaranteeing protection of the environment. 
    •Propose rules and safety procedures in the field of security within our touristic activities. 
    •Carry out combined activities with the private sector in support of touristic security.
    •Design programs, in coordination with local and foreign organizations that are to be beneficial for children and adolescents, as well as for the mentally impaired, and to fight against child trafficking as women trafficking, and           defend and shelter beggars.
    •Develop intelligence and counterintelligence plans with governmental security agencies.
    •Establish, in coordination with Ministerio de Salud Pública y Asistencia Social (Ministry of Public Health) development programs at tourist spots within the Dominican Republic. 
    •Establish, in coordination with Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Comunicaciones  (Ministry of Communications) road assistance programs on routes and expressways that connect tourist spots within the Dominican Republic. 
    •Establish, in coordination with Centro de Operaciones de Emergencia   (Emergency Operational Center) (COE) support programs, conformant to established emergency procedures, in case of emergencies.  
    •Guide and coordinate with the press, diffusion and/or broadcasting of accurate and timely information.
    •Integrate private organizations to touristic security technology. 
    •Develop multiparty policies and procedures with the Armed Forces as with the Police in benefit of an integral and comprehensive tourist security plan, to be enforced at tourist spots of the Dominican Republic.